Alfred Karl Josef WiedamannInge von Levinski

Karl Eduard (Edward) WiedamannSuzanne Knighton Posegate

Heidi Inge Wiedamann

f a m i l y
Children with:
John Joseph Blinka

Christopher Karl Wiedamann

Sarah Elizabeth Blinka
Rachel Anne Blinka
Abigail Christine Blinka
Heidi Inge Wiedamann
  • Born: 19 Oct 1962, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.
  • Married 31 Oct 1987 to John Joseph Blinka
  • Occupation: physical therapist
  • Reference: E-Mail from Karl Edward Wiedamann, E-Mail from Heidi 30.3.2004

    From: Heidi Blinka
    Subject: Family Tree
    Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 19:38:12 -0500

    Dear Mr. Wiedamann,

    My name is Heidi Inge Wiedamann. I am eldest child of Karl Edward Wiedamann, son of Inge Wiedamann. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio at Christ Hospital in the year 1962, October 19 to Karl Edward and Suzanne Knighton Posegate. I was married 1987, October 31 to John Joseph Blinka of Cincinnati. We have three daughters, Sarah Elizabeth Blinka 1990, October 19, Rachel Anne Blinka 1993, September 27, and Abigail Christine Blinka 1996, October 25. I can send pictures and whatever information you would like to put on your web page. Karl has informed me of this opportunity, and expects that I will act appropriately to supply information to you. Please let me know what else is of interest to you for your efforts. Currently we live in Akron, Ohio. I work as a physical therapist. The girls have many interests. Sarah is a wonderful pianist and basketball player. Rachel is a lovely artist and soccer player, and Abigail is doing well with the violin and piano, and loves swim team. I will await your response as to what other information might be helpful. Thank you for this opportunity.


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